Are Broiler Eggs Good for Your Health or Not

What are Broiler Eggs and are they Good for Your Health or not?  Basically all Chicken eggs are the same, most store bought eggs are produced in layer egg factories.  These facilities are designed to maximize the production of regular store bought eggs.

are broiler eggs good for your health or not
Are broiler eggs good for your health or not

Broiler Eggs come from chickens raised for high quality meat, these chickens are usually market chickens  primarily fast gainers of weight.  Broiler eggs from these chickens contain higher amounts of hormones and minerals due to the rapid growth required to get Broiler Chickens to market fast.

Broiler Chicken Farms have to produce eggs so as to provide Chicks for raising for market, these Egg producing Chickens usually produce eggs for 6 to 8 months then are replaced with younger Chickens as production of eggs wanes with age.

Broiler Chickens

Layer Chickens also produce eggs for 8 to 12 months then are sold to food processing plants and are used in many of the animal food products, usually these Chickens are not regular market Chickens due to their lighter weight and lack of substance.

So are Broiler Eggs good for your health or not ?  The main purpose of Broiler Eggs is reproduction of feeder stock for Broiler Chickens, not for consumption by the general public.  Broiler Eggs do contain similar nutrients as layer eggs but also contain  hormones and harmful chemicals, which are injected into the chickens for fast growth and certainly would be transferred into the eggs as well.

Broiler Eggs can be eaten in moderation, as with all eggs, they contain high proteins and fats. The general rule is to eat no more than 3 eggs per day.  Over consumption of eggs can increase cholesterol, can increase the risk of heart problems but does raise the levels of Vitamins E and A.

Broiler Chicks

Overall the statement “What are Broiler Eggs and are they Good for Your Health or not” means
the consumption of broiler eggs is acceptable in moderation but recommendation would be to consume standard layer eggs.

All eggs should be cooked to the recommended temperature and not be eaten raw due to possibility of certain bacteria’s that could possibly be present.  Both Layer eggs and Broiler eggs would fall into this category.

Cooked Broiler Eggs
Cooked Broiler Eggs Look Like Regular Eggs

Eating eggs is healthy, they are an excellent source of protein.  They are low in calories, one egg contains  about 75 calories.  Eggs have been eaten since the beginning of mankind if not before, Chickens are as old as the dinosaurs.  Recently in the past 60 years the introduction of fast growth hormones has made chicken production one of the cheapest and highest source of meat worldwide.

Broiler Eggs are Good for your Health

Broiler Eggs serve the purpose of maintaining this high production of Chicken, they are not intended for consumption by consumers.  Broiler Chicken Eggs are Good for Production of Broiler Chickens.


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