How to Lose Weight Fast (Healthy Diet)

Hi,   I’m Magnus,  I’ve been a trainer for 20 years plus I help Hollywood actors and artists to get in superhero shape for more daily routines and recipes follow me on Instagram make sure to subscribe to this channel I’ll be making new videos every week to help you get in the best shape of your life highly requested topic that I’ve been getting is how to lose weight in a healthy way

I hope that I can help some of you to start let’s talk about training and nutrition and how they factor into weight loss is it 50 50 is it 70 30 80 20no not really the thing is you got to get on top of both training and nutrition you see you can run a marathon and be overweight and you can have a six pack and be in lousy shape but today I want to focus on nutrition and weight loss because  when it comes to losing weight or fat it really comes down to nutrition so what’s the secret there is no secret there’s no magic pill there’s a ton of diets out there and guess what most of them work why do they work well they put you in a calorie deficit it’s calories in and it’s calories out that means you need to burn more calories than what you’re eating with that said it doesn’t mean that all or healthy for you so is counting calories the answer or should I be tracking macros, or should I be eating chicken breast and Brussels sprouts all day Long well let’s talk about calories calorie is a unit of measurement specifically it’s defined as the amount of heat needed to raise temperature of one gram water by one degree Celsius all sources of calories are not so let me give you an example if we have two people who are on a 1500 calorie diet person a is eating ice cream person b is eating chicken fish vegetables grains you name it both are eating 1500 calories a day, they will both lose the same amount of weight but who’s the healthier problem and that’s where macro nutrients or macros as most people call them come into the picture


have protein which are the building blocks of muscle and tissue protein is extremely important and we can’t really survive without it then we have fat which gives you energy helps protect your organs support cell growth and even produce some vital hormones like testosterone then we have carbs which you really can break down in three categories high in fiber include beans fruit veggies and whole grains these carbs are amazing when it comes to not only curbing your appetite but even lowering your cholesterol then we have starches which include grains root vegetables like potato radish and sweet potatoes and so on finally we have sugar rapidly absorbs into your bloodstream and it will give you a big blood sugar


You guys know what sugar is so how do I lose weight in a healthy way there’s so many diets out there and in future videos I’ll be going down the rabbit hole discussing them but the strategy that I use is pretty simple I try to eat five times a day or five meals per day I ate breakfast snack lunch snack dinner also think in four day cycles so in four days that equals 20 meals out of 20 meals make sure that 17 are on point


Whatever  I want this allows me not to exclude any foods and I will never ever have a guilty conscience, or I’ve never failed a diet just because I have a pasta alfredo on a Wednesday night with my friends or ice cream with my family on a Sunday so I try to eat every three hours it’s not the end of the world if it turns out to be two or four in between meals but can tell this is a simple strategy to control your macros and make sure you don’t overeat calories you might have to adjust this a little bit depending on your body type and age and your goals button wrap things up I want to give you the five key tips to help you on your weight loss journey number one take control of your nutrition three times per week ideally you want to be moving or exercising five times per week number three drink more water number four keep healthy snacks in the house and throw out the bad one’s number five make sure to get enough sleep thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed this video if there’s anything else you want to see comment below and I’ll do my best to make it happen that like button see you next week




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