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What can I expect from the SOTA Weight Loss program?

An easy to follow program, offering a permanent change. Quick and easy meal preparation. Balanced nutrition plan customized for each client. Includes comprehensive weight training and exercise program. Takeaway: SOTA Weight Loss Program allows you to lose fat, gain muscle and lose weight fast naturally by eating the foods you love. Our meal plans are low sugar, vegetarian based. This up-to-date system will keep you away from foods that cause cravings and boosts your metabolism efficiently 100% natural with no side effects

Losing weight at SOTA Weight Loss is not a diet or a quick fix. Rather, it is a personalized program that can be tailored to anyone from college-aged adults to seniors with health problems. The approach to weight loss involves a comprehensive treatment plan that starts with an in-depth analysis of your food consumption habits, physical activity and historical weight issues (including emotional factors). They will then set up a personal goal for you with weekly goals and weekly check-ins. The best part about their weight loss program? Every member of their staff is dedicated to helping you achieve results. They’re not just there to provide options; they are there to support every member throughout their journey.



Weight Loss

The SOTA Weight Loss Method

A healthy and effective weight loss program that promotes body fat reduction. Our approach to weight loss is one of developing an understanding of the ingredients that contribute to body fat. We then turn that knowledge into a simple set of rules for eating and exercise, which, when followed consistently, helps people shed weight. SOTA is about helping you see yourself thin. Sota Weight LossWe don’t believe in magic pills, super-expensive foods or punishing diets. Our program offers a series of simple exercises and rules designed to help you lose weight without starving yourself or having to buy anything special. Our program is based on the science of fat loss and the idea that small changes can lead to big results when they’re repeated regularly. Tortoise SOTA’s approach to dieting is based on two general principles: first, that food choices are very personal, and second, that there’s no single right diet for everyone. The SOTA Weight Loss Method focuses on what we call “the power of small changes,” which means making small adjustments in your diet and exercise habits, rather than drastic overhauls. Some people need more flexibility than others; some people need stricter rules or simpler math; some people have very specific dietary needs and goals (for example, people who are diabetic.


SOTA Weight Loss Method Program is not another fads diet or nutritionally complete food replacement like Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig, or the other Weight Watchers. It’s a non-diet, no-starvation program; our proven weight loss method is based on the science of fat loss. Rather than starving ourselves or eating unlimited amounts of calories, we teach your body to burn fat and achieve a healthy weight.Sota Weight Loss With SOTA Weight Loss Solution Program you can reeducate your body to be thin and healthy again using our medically supervised program. For those not interested in the SOTA Weight Loss Method Program we also offer other alternatives including medications known as prescription drugs that induces weight loss rather than re-educating your body.

In the end, if you’re looking for a program that will promote a healthy lifestyle in addition to weight loss, this might be a good option. Is it perfect? Probably not, but SOTA could work for some people. Of course, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to weight loss programs. Everyone is different, which is why we encourage each potential user to research the pros and cons of anything they choose to try.Sota Weight Loss

The Sota Weight Loss program is only offered in the Dallas – Ft Worth and Houston Texas area, they do now have an at-home program.

Below are some comments from actual clients and people who are familiar with friends or relatives on the program.



Weight Loss

Comments from Actual Clients

I went in for a consultation last week. They wanted $3100 for 12 weeks on their program. They provide the food and you go in once a week for tweaking. It is basically a more in-depth version of Keto. I definitely think it would work, but I can’t swing that haha. They guaranteed 13-15 lbs in the first week and 4-5/week after that if I followed the plan.


Has anyone tried SOTA weight loss?
I am doing it now and down 30 lbs. Lost 28 lbs in the first 4 weeks and now it is coming off slowly. My body has adjusted. Having to change it up a bit. Only 10 lbs more to loose and back to my college weight. It has been a great experience.


“The SOTA vibration platform is certainly a client favorite and vibration research claims benefit to stimulating the lymphatic, blood vascular and neurological systems, especially in the feet, legs, hips and back. The vibration platform improves circulation, flexibility and balance and helps relieve pain. SOTA clients with neuropathy love the neuro and vascular stimulation that sophisticated vibration provides.”


Same story here…down 32 and 10 to go. Been a good experience, I have fought doing this myself and I am happy to have help to get this weight off.


My 62 year old in laws just finished the 12wk program. He lost 40lbs+ and she lost 25. Back to their high school weights and they claim to have never felt better. Pretty wild!


It is expensive, but it is not a rip off. All the negative comments and never experienced it. I lost 70lbs on it and they truly do care about your well being. I was never hungry and experienced new ideas on living healthier and longer. Im 51 and feel like im in my 30’s again. Life is smoother and stress free now….

I have completed my 3 months for $3300. I have lost 20#. I paid up front & they pressured me for a lot more. The “lifelong support” is not a reason to pay that high price. My support during the process was extremely minimal. The diet itself works VERY well, but you can find it along with the products at Do yourself a favor and do it on your own!!! I cannot recommend going through SOTA.


Well I finally called.  The rep that I talk to on Face time seemed to know the product.  We schedule will not allow me to do 5 meals a day. I am a 73 year old female retired chef and do not have to have meals cooked for me.   I do not need prepacked meals. I can not afford the amount of money they are asking  to have meals, shakes, snacks  sent to me. I will not out on a credit card and accrue a new debt. I told the lady that I have a heart condition that will no allow me to walk as I have been told about. I only need to lose about 25 pounds.  It is difficult to find food  when I am working trade shows.  I understand the program is not for every one. But this program sounds like it expects everyone to be a square plug in a square hole only. No ability to work with an individuals needs. I heard bullet points, no carbs no sugar no fruits. less fat than the Keto diet.  I am moving on.
I tried to post a three star review but it  would not post through the Soto diet.  so I came to Yelp to post.


I have completed 5weeks. The support & guidance is EXCELLENT!!! In the 5wks I have lost 22.2lbs by strictly adhering to both the nutritional plan & the suggested exercise regimen. I still have a ways to go, yet now I know I can do it! Also the drinks and bars are my favorites! I sure hope I can still buy them after I complete my program.

Teresa my coach is simply the best! Actually the whole team is wonderful! From the moment you walk in, to each tough moment or question, they are there for you!

Don’t get me wrong – it is no walk in the park – (although they do want ya walking ) – it’s not easy. You have to decide you are ready to change and be disciplined! But! Yep but – their program is easy to follow! Stick to the program and you will see results! THANK YOU PLANO SOTA!


Weight Loss

I agree with Gary!  I actually started my 14-year old on this program. We are two weeks in and she is already down over 12 pounds!   She has a goal of 64 pounds total, but she is well on her way.  We tried other diets for her, but for a 14-year old, it was difficult to keep the excitement of a “diet” plan interesting or motivating when we ended up seeing very little weight loss from other plans we tried.  I can tell you that because SOTA has so many great food options and drinks, my daughter has found it “EASY”…. wait… what?!  But it’s true. No other diet had these kind of results and because of these kind of results, my 14-year old has stayed motivated to stick with the program!  Plus she really loves the counselor we meet with each week and actually finds their bars and drinks likable.  She told me the bars are not “powdery” and do not taste like straight protein powder like many others she has tried in the past.

As a penny pincher myself, I do understand where Steve is coming from, but honestly the weekly weigh-ins and meetings with the counselor, challenge my daughter. I just don’t think she would be as motivated without the weekly accountability “weigh-ins” and talks with her counselor.

For me to see results like this with my teenager (when nothing else seemed to work on our prior diet plans), I think the money spent was well worth it. I would spend double that for my child to feel confident and good about herself.   I am so proud of her for sticking with this program and cannot wait to see what the next 11 weeks will bring for her!


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